New website !!

it's still slighlty wip but everything is mostly there, go check it out !


A new site is coming soon, i'll keep this one for wip and extra renders.

And check it out :

and QA realised for a brand new site about 3d printing, lots of cool stuff to discover and if your are interested about printing, this is the place to be.

Alexander the great, final !

ARH Statues Alexander the great on Bucephalus (take2)

So, after presenting the first wip of the statue, Arahom decided to change the pose of the horse and the rider for something more dynamic, so here is the second take on that statue
still wip, an other pass of details will happen and i'still woking on posing the main character

Good News

ARH Studios will be present with our own booth at the NY Comic Con in October 10-13.
This is our first Comic Con with our own space, and we will bring all our statues to the show, including our new Conan: The Sacrifice diorama, Ares, Minotaurus and the Angel of Darkness!

pretty sweet !

Mermaid WIP 2 "heart"

simple prop, before starting the real work

zbrush from a  sphere + polypaint.

Mermaid Wip

here is the start of the Mermaid illustration i want to do, as well as a change of direction in my work.
just a little crab to populate the scene so far.

Spartacus Arh

Spartacus was presented at the Comic con 2012 at the sideshow booth, pretty exiting to see it

Batman news

Jody Thomas used the design of the batman to create a graph during the "see no evil" event in bristol last year,
thanks man awesome job

And the print of it
soon it will be mine, soooon

Zbrush Beta Work


I really need to update this blog, but here is some news while waiting for proper new pictures

The Batman has been immortalise on a wall at bristol during the "see no evil event" by Jody Thomas !

i've been interviewed by 3dtrainer and Aries school

pennywise is printed and it looks awesome

I've been part of the Zbrush beta R2 team

and last but not least, i'm now in LA area ! working at Insomniac Games as character artist

Batman redesign commission

Thanks a lot to Cghub for the highlight and for the award as well !

Kaydara, featuring in two french magazine.

Some of my work is featuring in this two magazine, (Neo digital double done couple of years ago)
don't miss the movie :21/05/2011

Wip pennywise, concept by Nebezial
also featuring in the March/April0 2011 Ceiga issue